5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed

5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed

Ask any parent in Singapore about problems they encounter at bed time with their kids and there will be a few common answers. One of the main issues faced is getting their kids to sleep where they’re supposed to – in their own bed. To a toddler, a kids’ bed is far less attractive than Mummy & Daddy’s bed, so it can be difficult to convince them otherwise.


In this blog, we look at ways that you can get your toddler to sleep in their own bed. Something that’s better for their sleep and for yours.


Tip One – Explain Why

5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed


A common misconception amongst parents is that their children aren’t able to understand and reason like adults. You might be surprised at how much they do understand if you just talk to your little one. Explain to them why kids’ beds are the better option, rather than Mummy and Daddy’s and they’ll feel included.


Tell them that they will get a much better rest if everyone sleeps in their own bed and rest helps children to grow big and strong. Phrases like “Big boys/girls sleep on in their own” can also be very useful in getting your message across.


Treat your children as being more grown up and they will often act that way too.

Tip Two – Show them they are not alone

5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed


Getting your child to understand that their loft bed might be in another room, but is still close to your bed can be very useful. Being separated by a wall doesn’t have to feel like being alone, something that’s easy to demonstrate. Get them to sit in their kids’ bed and you sit on yours and hold a conversation – if you can. Knowing you’re so close is often all the reassurance they need.


As an aside, a good source of guidance and information on can be found in It’s Time to Sleep in Your Own Bed. The book by Lawrence E. Shapiro is full of interesting tips and advice.

Tip Three – Fading

5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed


When your children cry, every fibre of your being is compelled to go and help them. Fading is the practice of letting them settle in their own bed and cry it out for a certain length of time. When your child understands that you’re not going to jump every time they make a sound, things can get a lot easier.


Tip Four – Involve Them in the Purchase of their Kids’ Bed

5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed


Getting your little one to help in choosing their first kids’ bed can have a hugely beneficial effect. It makes them feel listened to and excited about the day that the bed that they chose is getting delivered. There are lots of great beds to choose from, like the versatile 4 in 1 Kids’ Bed from Lifetime Kidsrooms. Or for something fun, you could go for the 1001 Nights Kids’ Bed or the Tree House Loft Kids’ Bed.


Tip Five – Be Patient

5 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Sleep in their Own Bed


You may have to try a combination of the tips above or even all of them in one overall strategy for it to work. No two kids are the same, so it’s just a matter of seeing with techniques work for you best. Staying patient is also vitally important, as if you’re stressed, then your toddler may pick up on it. Being relaxed is key to success in getting their little minds to switch off.


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Thanks for reading our blog and good luck in getting your kids to sleep!


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